Google, Blog And Advertising

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Nowadays, blog grow up like the building in the town. Many blog create with the one reason, looking for money online. Looking for money online usually did with advertising. What kind of advertising? Put your ads in our blog, because your ads will more often to see. That is a little of development blog. According to the article "Google and blog advertising", Technoraty, reported that in its State of the Blogosphere 2008 that 95% of the top 100 newspapers have blog reporters. Very interesting right?

The opportunities of making money online with blog already open. Google, the best search engine company today, have the solution, with google adsense. Google adsense placing advertisements on websites with the important guidelines. So, google doesn't want "invalid clicks"; thus it restricts the efforts that bloggers might use in directing customers to ads. Google wants only "genuine valid clicks and impressions from real customers". Some internet marketer said that, making money online is easy, it's lie. Making money online need the hard work, good blog, and little lucky. So, development of the advertising world is growing rapidly.

Start blogging can start with a good topic, considering a certain topic. And don't forget, "Content is king" so, posting your article regular, and if you blog it is quite possible for a business, please try the online advertising. Happy Blogging.

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